It's up to Chicago detective Sam Mitchell to solve the ongoing serial murders of dozens of Afro-American hairdressers, whose scalped remains are being hung like trophies to their salon mirrors. As a  rookie in the late 1970s, Sam covered a grisly crime scene in Harlem, where a Native American woman was murdered and scalped, her baby missing. That case was never solved. Is the troubled Black cop up to the task of restoring order to the city?
                               The tantalizing tale of MOHAWK SALON is a psycho thriller from Los Angeles and New York York-based Raggedy Ends Productions, LLC. The company's budget is $2.1 million to fund this production and bring the full-length movie to 2,000 screens by year-end 2015.



MOHAWK SALON...a psycho thriller...

Some sounds will haunt you forever!

·         Budget $2.1M

·         6 Celebrities Attached

·         NY Cast & Crew

·         Native American Director

·         Filming in NYC 8/15-10/20/2014

·         Sequel: “Rebirth of Crowing Glory” $2.5M

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